Demon Board Blood Trap is the second in the three part Blood Trap Series.
It’s based on several true stories combined. It takes place in Bucks County PA.
The story is about a family who breaks ground to build their new house
only to find during the excavation, they unearth the body of a witch who
was bound to the land by a spell put on her by the town. When the father,
played by Edward X. Young removes the “Talking Board” From the Witch’s body,
he unleashes an evil spirit and the witch takes Possession of his young daughter,

What inspired this story is a Ouija Board we found at a local antiques shop in
Durham Township PA. According to the antique’s dealer, it was from the estate
of Nelson Rehmeyer who died in a fire in York Township PA after being accused
of putting a spell on a man. Nellie Noll,  known as the River Witch of Marietta,
played role in the murder by sending the man and his friend to find the “Spell” book in order reverse the spell Rehmeyer put on him.

He and his friend didn’t find a spell book, so they set Rehmeyer's house on fire and left
Rehmeyer to die. Since the house didn’t completely burn to the ground was further
proof that Rehmeyer was a witch in their minds.


Located in Bucks County PA is a mountain known as “Ghost Mountain,” The highest point in Bucks County.

This mountain was also the home, and still may be, to a clan of Albino Cannibals,
according to the book “Weird PA.”  Combine these two stories and you have
Demon Board Blood Trap.

Now back to the Ouija board. We took the board home, cleaned it up and noticed a shot glass we had placed on the board had moved…

We set up our “Nest” cam and left it running all night. After finding the glass had
moved again, we reviewed the footage and caught the glass moving by itself. Watch
the clip here
. We also set it up in the basement and got “Orbs” coming and
going out of the center of the glass. Watch it here

Is it haunted? Judge for yourself. Many Psychics have told me to destroy it. Some said, don’t destroy it as it would release evil spirits…

We decided to make a movie using it. Let the fun begin. Check the photo page often
as we’ll post photos of the cast and crew.

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